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In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Fermanagh Trust wish to continue to provide a local response to local need. We are re-deploying our staff and resources to help those feeling overwhelmed, anxious or lonely connect with others in their community. We have established ‘Connect Fermanagh’ (028 66 320 230) to reach out to individuals in our community in need of a listening ear.

We hope to prevent loneliness for those feeling isolated and reduce the negative impact of social and physical distancing on their emotional wellbeing and mental health. We aim to continually monitor, review and adapt this service according to the level of need and responding swiftly to the emerging trends in the needs presenting.

By providing a telephone service from 9.30am -2pm 7 days per week, we aim to prevent loneliness and isolation for the people of Fermanagh who need us most including our elderly and our vulnerable. We aim to improve the social and emotional well-being of any person living in the Fermanagh area in need of a listening ear and a friendly, reassuring chat.

Services that ConnectFermanagh can provide:

Phone companion

Telephone support,

Listening ear,

Signposting for local support & delivery services.

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